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I mostly post SHINee,...and am HORRIBLY Onew Biased. AND I AM PROBABLY YOUR NOONA..I also post EXO, Bigbang and a few other groups.
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What happened with shinee?
- Anonymous

Nothing has happend to SHINee…just in general SM fandoms are sensive and worried about something happening to the groups they love. There is really no need to worry about something that will most likely never happen..but i do understand it 

Here fandom have some onguns to make you feel better

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yeeeeeah buddy Anonymous

Jackson said it best…

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got7 jackson right now

dont talk about shinee, dont look at shinee, dont even think about shinee

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when you try and open a really tight pistachio nut shell


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sm dont u dare touch my babies i will end u 

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target spotted hahah so cute

kittykait04 replied to your post: anonymous said:what do you think …

Actually, it has just been confirmed :(

yea im just seing it as well

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what do you think about the jessica situation
- Anonymous

*sigh* image

i hate seeing ppl/fandoms all stressed out like this…but i honestly dont have an opinion becasue NOTHING has been confermed as of yet. She could have been hacked. Who knows. She could have been in voiliation of her contract, giving SM the legal right to let her go. Who knows. “She” spoke of SM and “8 other people” informing her she was out…did the other members demand of SM to do it? Who knows.  Did SM wake up and decide she was done for no reason(and that would be crappy if so..and made no sense to renew a 3 year contract only to do this months later. ) ..WHO KNOWS..Until its conf what has actually happened…blaming or wising death on people or SM (like i have been seeing) over it is just plain redic. We just dont know enough yet.  Ok so i do have an opinion LOL…

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omg yay is my inbox finally working now? Anonymous

cntardisblue replied to your post “my inbox is messed up ya’ll…it wont load entire msg’s when i try to…”

I was just wondering about this haha. I thought maybe this time tumblr really did eat my message. How long must we wait for tumblr to get their messaging system in order?! I’d call for a strike but we all know that can’t be done lmao

aagghhhh at least i can reply here!! i literally have your msg but  can only read half and it wont load the rest!! *grumbles* haha so annoying..hahaa good ol tumblr….yeah they really do need to get it together…as well as add a chat function..that would cange everything omg!!

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cntardisblue STRIKE STRIKE oh wait i could never survive a strike i wouldent last one day ahah

my inbox is messed up ya’ll…it wont load entire msg’s when i try to click “read more” and also wont let me reply to anything…so please dont think i am ignoring you …I AM TRYING lol *pouts*

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its been like this off and on all dang day it worked a bit ago but its on the fritz AGAIN