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Saranghaeyo Onew!!! And Taemin, Minhho, Jonghyun and Key. But mostly 이진기
I mostly post SHINee,...and am HORRIBLY Onew Biased. AND I AM PROBABLY YOUR NOONA..I also post EXO, Bigbang and a few other groups.
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kawaii dae why you so presh

It is absolutely AMAZING that not one pic or clip of T.O.P’s shirtless scene has been leaked….this makes me admire VIP’s so much..they are hardcore respectful fans

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or maybe its not that and the record label is just CRAZY in top of this making sure it dosnt happen idk lol

1/100 pictures of flaming minho

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minhos personal style is my fav out of them all i tink he pulls off preppy/sexy soooo well dang boy these pants are awesome
Just wanted to drop in and say that you are wonderful!! Seeing your posts on my dash always makes me smile, so thanks for doing what you do! Sending good vibes your way!!!!!!!!!!!
- Anonymous

ERMAHGERD you are so sweet! thank you so much anons like you just make my day!!

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If you where/are a BigBang fan which Lightstick color would you want?

I need to do a mini survey pls…

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stinking bigbang has te coolest lightsticks i am jelly shinees is ok but these are like legit awesome

amimrsleejinkiyet replied to your post: Fedex just pulled up and i literally s…


I KNOW OMG MY HEART CANNOT HANDLE IT….i am so glad you live not too far from where i am.. becasue after i get them it should only be a few days till you receive it!!!! Ima express it if i can 

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Fedex just pulled up and i literally started doing a jig because i thought it was my Taemin albums….it was stinking neighbors package not mine HOW DARE YOUUUUUUU order things when i am awaiting minnie from Korea!!!  amimrsleejinkiyet

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amimrsleejinkiyet taemin ace i am so impatient where is itttttt


~~~Prizes~~~: (Click on images above to see full image of items)

  • Official Super Show 4 Eunhyuk folder
  • 3 x SUJU Posters (folded) 
  • 2 x SUJU mini posters 
  • 2 sets of 10 x SUJU photo cards

Please see read more for rules and stuff: 

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i like suju but i am only reblogging to help get the word out if i happened to win this i would decline becasue this awesome giveaway needs to go to areal suju fan!!

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bawhahaaaa so accurate
The fanfic about OnTae that the anon was talking about is a One-Shot on asian fanfics called 'Lost and Found' its adorable! www(.)asianfanfics(.)com/story/view/350465/1/lost-and-found-jinki-oneshot-onew-ontae-shinee-taemin

OMG i hope that anon sees this! thank you so much luv muffin!!!!! xoxox

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cant wait to read jongins-voice