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Saranghaeyo Onew!!! And Taemin, Minhho, Jonghyun and Key. But mostly 이진기
I mostly post SHINee,...and am HORRIBLY Onew Biased. AND I AM PROBABLY YOUR NOONA..I also post EXO, Bigbang and a few other groups.
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ontae aweeeee besties

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jr got7 cutie my other bias
haha this makes me smile omg so cute

haha this makes me smile omg so cute

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omg jinki looking fiiiiiine

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Hello! I've been looking for the picture you have on your blog (on the left, of Minho and Onew.) for a while with no luck. I was wondering if I could have the full thing?

But of course :)

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I thot of a reaction for you!! In latin america it is customary for fans during concerts to throw underwear with their phone number written on it, to their idols during concerts to the stage lmao! I was actually worried for Shinee when they went to mexico, chile and argentina but they behaved lol, so! What would Shinee do if a random thonge or bra falls on them while singing on stage? Lol

BAWAHAHAH this gives me life

SHINee’s reaction if a bra or thong falls on them while singing on stage…

Key: “eww was she wearing those!?”




Jonghyun: “OMO we have the best fans!”


Teamin: "Hyungs what do i do…."


Onew : “look look it was her!”


Thanks for the great submission :) My other SHINee reacts: sees you naked  youve bought something  catches you reading smut  honey im preg  fb vrs Tumblr  he cant kiss you  sees you crying  how he makes you feel    a photo of you  walking down the isle  taemins solo    you steal a kiss  you ruin their fav meal  

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moon-kibum myshineereacts shineereacts hahahah i loved doing this one shinee onew jonghyun taemin key minho
what app is that? that teaches you to pronounce those words
- Anonymous

haha no worries i got your second msg as well…the app is called pop popping korean :) 

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shawol this sums it up yeees yeeeees jongtae jonghyun taemin NO WONDER I GET SO SIDETRACKED
i am enjoying the reaction gifs of shinee to things. HILARIOUS! have an awesome day :)
- Anonymous

O thank you so much!!! Speaking of which i am finishing up the next one now!! :) i will have it posted within the hour i think…but DANG this one has way too many good options hahah :)

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there was this fanfic where it had all of shinee and they had super powers and i think onew's was mind control. they were still like shinee in the fanfic and they all liked this one girl and they killed her bf and kidnapped her and kept her in their mansion/house where the girl tried to escape. do you or anyone happen to know the title? pls and thank you
- Anonymous

OMG this sounds….i dunno …prob not my style …but if any of my followers know this one please comment to help anon :) I dun think i would be my style, it would stress me out to think of them this way  lol

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shinee Anonymous